Lamole and Socci. A family concern.
We have always been the custodians of the essence of Lamole.
“A glimpse into the past to look to the future”
“We hope to hand down two things to our children: roots and wings”

Age-old history.

The roots of the Socci family, first mentioned in Lamole as far back as 1071, are steeped in History and Legend. The beginning of a centuries-old path is documented with the presence of Adam, Santi and Maffeo Socci, who were standard bearers in the Lega Val di Greve in 1612, 1643 and 1655.
Fattoria di Lamole.
From the outset to the present day.
Giovanni Socci
(Lamole 1834 – Lamole 1926)
Giovanni left Lamole and settled in Siena to work as a notary.
But he never forgot his roots or the place where he grew up.
Thanks to the income from his notary office, he was able to buy and establish a property similar to that of his family of origin.
Giovanni’s son, Carlo Socci
(Siena 1882 – Lamole 1952)
Carlo, also a notary, returned to Lamole and devoted himself - inheriting his father's passion - to recovering vineyards destroyed by the invasion of phylloxera, a real "black plague" for viticulture in Europe.
He was helped with passion and expertise in this difficult task by Livio Piccini, to whom one of the most prestigious labels of Fattoria di Lamole is dedicated in remembrance: “Le Viti di Livio”.
Chianti Classico Consortium
In 1924 Carlo was one of the founders of the Chianti Classico Consortium.
Giorgio Socci
(Lamole 1919 - Firenze 1969)
Giorgio, Carlo's son, handled the company’s transition from sharecropping to direct management. In 1955, the Ministry of Agriculture acknowledged Fattoria di Lamole as the first among the major producers in Tuscany.

Paolo Socci

(Lamole 1947 – running the business since 1970)
Since 2003, Giorgio's son, Paolo Socci - a historical figure among the Chianti Classico winemakers of the Greve area and the surrounding area - has been working on a complex plan to restore the historic vineyards and ancient buildings of the estate. He has transformed a centuries-old family business into wines of sheer excellence and refinement, in perfect harmony with the vocation of the place.