The territory of Lamole.
In the heart of the Chianti area.
"The Burgundy of the Chianti area"
A territory where nature and man work in harmony

"Greatness is hidden in small things"

Lamole. A small piece of land, nestled on the slopes of Mount San Michele. For centuries, “lamulae” (flat parcels of land on a steep slope) have been admirably suited to vine growing. Lorenzo De'Medici "il Magnifico", appreciated the wine of Lamole and the Grand Duke Emanuele Repetti (1833) emphasised the fact that Lamole could only be reached on foot and that the vines planted among the stones of this hill produced the much-praised fine wine of Lamole.

Tradition looking to the future.

A place made of passion, barely contained by small stony terraces that make the steep slope cultivable. A place for a few patient producers.

Fattoria di Lamole has always maintained the unique identity of a small village. Since 2003, its terraces have been recovered and also the traditions of the ancient Lamole winemaking culture, which had disappeared when the population decreased from 900 to 70 inhabitants, following the exodus from the countryside in the 1950s and 1960s. Vine-growing on terraces, without arms for manual cultivation, disappeared and was replaced by methods of planting vineyards and mechanised cultivation methods approved for those of different vine-growing areas.

In 2018, the company continued to rebuild the dry-stone walls of the historic terraces thanks to the valuable contribution of O.P.R.A Equipe.

Constantly striving for excellence

Thanks to the careful recovery of tradition, the company's wine projects were born, resulting in the labels of the two brands Le Stinche and Antico Lamole